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Berco ouü
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Visiting and Postal:
Marja 7
EE-106 17 Tallinn 

Tel  +372 6 555 260
Fax  +372 6 555 261



Lars-Eije Berg, CEO
Lars-Eije brings solid experience in the sourcing field. Lars-Eije has a long background of successfully building cooperation starting from the first JointVenture in the Soviet Union in the begining of the 1980's when ha was acting as Salesmanager for Autoliv. Fluent in Swedish, English and German.

Phone: +46 703 333 456



LarsMagnus Berg,
LarsMagnus possess expertise in the field of finance as well as technological skill. LarsMagnus has a long track record of creating prosperous solutions for clients. Fluent in Swedish, English and German.

Phone: +46 704 13 29 35



Matti Kajak, Plant manager
Matti has unique expertise in plastic production management and design. Matti has a background as an Sales manager for Pioneer, Estonias former biggest Mouldmaking company. Matti is based in Tallinn, Estonia, and is fluent in Estonian, English, Finnish and Russian.

Office: +372 6 555 260

Mobile: +372 5 094 038




Logistics /Administration,

Phone: +46 322 63 46 64