Our focus is to startup and maintaing the Subcontracting, focusing on customer value, not providing abstract consulting services but a hands on solution to the clients needs. 

Project startup

We are a well-balanced team that has several years of experience with a proven track record. We have the ability to be an instant boost to many aspects of a Sourcing startup, and in the process enriches the client organization by passing knowledge and experience over to them. Our success is dependant on the proven ability to generate business.

Extensive expertise that free your time

We prefer to take part also logistically and in production planning. We can therefore free up a lot of time for our clients by spending the time were it is most cost effective. You get the right product at the right time at the right place.

A wide and active network

We have a wide network in many areas that are essential for the development of Strategic sourcing. Good contacts within not just industrial area, but also within academic, financial and law can be crucial. With us you are getting also a wide and active network that has been built from years of networking in many areas.

Long-term engagement

We always have a long-term engagement engagement in our client to ensure the best possible outcome and quality of our work.

Flexible solutions to match your needs

We do not base our business from consulting but we work with the venture to build value for the client. We will only be successful if the sourcing succeeds. We will only succeed if giving short- and long-term advantage for the client.

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