About us

We assist you with your subcontracting. We do this work in serveral different ways, to give you as a customer exactly what you want. With our exstensive knowledge of the production possibilities in the Baltic states, Slovak and Czech republic, we are the perfect partner for your sourcing. Our journey started already in the 80´s so we know what we are talking about. Do not hesitate to test our skills.


We belive that it is important to be close to the client. This means that we chosen to work with our team in Eastern and Central Europe where the technical knowledge is good and the pricelevel even better. We have choosen this instead of far away to ensure that cultural difference does not have an negative influence of the final result, and to maintain the high quality and control over the final result, and of course to ensure quick deliveries and response.


We are often asked to assist clients to find appropriate partners for their specific production needs, and with our knowledge we are your best help to find what you need.


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